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Proven solutions for financial services providers

Besides a strong consolidation movement the financial sector is also dealing with continuously changing legislation and increasing pressure on innovation. In order to effectively integrate these developments, solutions for integration, standardisation and innovation of products and systems is essential.

We help financial services providers in their transformation to a better operational performance every day, by providing specialised solutions for product rationalisation, implementation of legislation and product innovation.

Portfolio Analysis
You intend to take over a pension portfolio or an insurance portfolio or you want to gain better insight in how a portfolio is built upfrom an insurance or administration point of view. Finavista ensures you will get the actual information about the contents and the quality of the portfolios.
Product Engineering
Finavista offers knowledge and experience in the area of designing, implementing and maintaining insurance products. During the whole process representatives of the customer group will be involved in order to optimally respond to the customer’s needs.
Product Rationalisation
Finavista specialises in data conversion of pension systems and insurance administrations as well as in standardisation of financial products. By using Finavista’s expertise and specialised solutions, you will be ensured that data conversion and product realisation are performed in a demonstrably accurate way.
Implementation of Legislation and Regulations
Finavista supports financial services providers in goal-oriented implementation of products and Legislation and Regulations. By using a unique method and specialised tooling,minimal burden will be placed on your operations and your IT department. Implementing Legislation and Regulations will be manageable, efficient and reproducible this way.

Other Services

Organising processes and services, focused on creating added value for your customers.
Digitalisation of processes and services in order to optimally serve your customers, for maximum efficiency as a basis for further development.
Creating added value for your operation and your customers by unlocking, converting and optimising data and utilising it in a smart way.