Smart use of data

Data is the fuel of every organisation. Collecting the right data, guaranteeing good quality and turning this into usable and effective information is where the skill comes in. This way data can contribute to the efficiency of your operation and to optimising customer experience.

Finavista helps organisations create added value for their operation and their customers by unlocking, converting and optimising data and utilising it in a smart way.

Data Conversion
Implementing a new administration system or ERP solution, or merging existing systems. These are examples of projects that require manageable data conversion. Finavista helps you fullyperformdata conversion in a manageable and demonstrably correct way.
Data Quality and Data Management
Did you know that research has shown that 3% of incorrect data leads to 30% increase of operational costs? So it is essential to keep your data under control. Finavista specialises in validating, cleaning up and enriching data. And to keep the data quality structurally in order, we help our customers to implement Data Management.
Data Governance
How do you make sure your data are correct, complete and up-to-date? And who is responsible for which data? Finavista helps organisations implement Data Governance: creating value by means of controlling and managing data.
Data Analytics
The amount of data is growing spectacularly every day. But how do you make sure your organisation has the right data and knows how to optimally use it in order to improve your operation and customer satisfaction? Finavista will be happy to help you analyze and use your data in a smart way.

Other Services

Organising processes and services, focused on creating added value for your customers.
Digitalisation of processes and services in order to optimally serve your customers, for maximum efficiency as a basis for further development.
Specialized solutions for financial service providers in the area of product rationalization, implementation of legislation and product innovation.