Creating customer value

Customer value is the value that a customer experiences when he purchases a product or a service. Unfortunately this experience is not always as good as it could be. This may occur when the customer’s needs are not completely clear or when the customer’s needs have changed in the course of time, or when the customer process is overshadowed by internal-oriented activities.

Finavista helps organisations develop a vision for customer-oriented operation, identify the customer’s needs and implementValue Streams: processes and services that are primarily meant to create added value for your customers.

Roadmap Smart Operations
What does the future operational model look like for us and what steps are necessary to realise this? We facilitate the development of a goal-oriented roadmap for companies for their future operations.
Value Stream Scan
What does your operation look like when it comes to customer-oriented processes and creating customer value? By means of a scan we gain insight in this and at the same time we identify possible obstacles, points for improvement and chances.
Value Stream Design
By means of our value stream approach we identify the ‘voice of the customer’ and we design and implement value stream processes that are meant to optimise customer experience and to create customer value.
Value Stream Management
How do you gain continuous insight in customer experience and how do you identify points for improvement? We help your organisation arrange an objective measurement and improvement process and keep a grip on the value that is created for customers.

Other Services

Digitalisation of processes and services in order to optimally serve your customers, for maximum efficiency as a basis for further development.
Creating added value for your operation and your customers by unlocking, converting and optimising data and utilising it in a smart way.
Specialized solutions for financial service providers in the area of product rationalization, implementation of legislation and product innovation.